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Concerns and Complaints

You have a right to share concerns or complain about a service provided. Your complaint will be taken seriously, and you will be treated with respect and professionalism. If you have a complaint about your program, a staff member, or Options Community Services (OCS- contractor for these centres) in general, you may share the complaint with your worker or the supervisor of the service you are receiving. You may also ask any OCS staff member to assist you in taking your complaint to the appropriate person. If speaking with your worker or program supervisor does not resolve your concern, you may then choose to speak with first a Deputy Executive Director, and then the Executive Director. At any time you may request a “Client Complaint Form” and submit a written complaint. These forms can be provided by your program’s supervisor or by calling or visiting the front desk at either main office location (604.584.5811 or 605.596.4321).


The Complaint Process:

You may find your complaint is resolved within your first conversation. We will document the complaint and the outcome of our internal quality improvement process.

If it is not:

  • The appropriate person will contact you within five (5) working days to discuss your complaint
  • We may have discussions with others involved to resolve the complaint within ten (10) working days
  • If the complaint is still not resolved, it will move up to the person at the next level who will speak with you to resolve the complaint within another ten (10) working days
  • We will continue to help you work your way through the process until the complaint is resolved

To ask for information about our complaint process or request a complaint form, call our front offices at 604.584.5811 or 604.596.4321.

Click here to view or download the Options Community Services brochure on Clients' Rights & Responsibilities. 


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