I Did It!

Posted at: 10 Sep 2021
female typing on keyboard with graphs on the computer screen

Hi, my name is Janice and I came to WorkBC Surrey Newton after I got laid off from my last two jobs due to the pandemic. It was a tough year for me since I was supporting myself and wanted to be back on my feet as soon as possible. Thanks to WorkBC for making it all happen!

After being laid off, I researched schools to do some form of training and gain skills in accounting, a career I am passionate about. I was heartbroken to get a call from a college and find out that I could not afford the cost due to my financial hardship. This encouraged me to register at WorkBC Surrey Newton; where I met an amazing counsellor, who helped me throughout my training and guided me to the utmost accuracy.

I attended some workshops at WorkBC and found Career Search Workshop to be of great assistance. By this time, I was on Service Canada Employment Insurance and was still unsure about going back to school. With the help of my counsellor, I applied for the skills training program and got the approval for my grant! This was exciting news as I was not only going to study FULLY FUNDED by the help of WorkBC, but the cost of transportation and books were also covered!

The only challenging part was the paperwork I had to do, but in the end, it was all worth it. I was able to focus on my studies and not worry about fees, expenses or student loans. I graduated with honours and during my practicum, my supervisor opened a new position for me to fill in and I was hired right after my practicum was over.

Throughout my time at WorkBC, my counsellor remained in contact, encouraging me to never give up. I got the training, I got the job, and I got my confidence back. I did my best and WorkBC did the rest!


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