My First Job in Canada

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Hi, my name is Harjot. I got married immediately after completing my Bachelor of Arts in India and did not get a chance to work and gain experience. After coming to Canada on a spousal visa, I got a cultural shock and almost got depressed as I was missing my family and everything here was very new to me. My English skills were intermediate but being a newcomer, I had trouble understanding and responding in English. I was very confused as I did not know what job will be suitable for me. I even tried berry picking in the beginning but I soon realized it was not for me as I am an educated person and wanted to be in an industry where I can build a long-term career.

I faced many challenges including no job objective, no resume and most importantly, transportation was a huge barrier. My family is supportive but I felt being unemployed was a burden on them.

I came to know about WorkBC Employment Services through my husband and some friends. I immediately booked an appointment to meet with an Employment Counsellor at Newton WorkBC.

My Employment Counsellor supported me in many areas including settlement, transportation and understanding the labour market in Canada. She helped me make an employment goal to start my career with some entry-level jobs like Production worker, Housekeepers, etc. She gave me transportation support for my job search activities and I started exploring local employers.

My Employment Counsellor immediately made a basic resume to start my job search. Since I had only basic computer skills and no access to a computer at home, she even helped me complete online applications.

I got some interview opportunities with production plants but due to my lack of experience and being nervous and shy I was not getting any offers. Looking at my situation, I was referred to a Job Coach who forwarded my resume to an employer in the Hospitality industry for a Housekeeping position. The employer interviewed me the next day and I was offered the position at Surrey Centre Inn.  

Through WorkBC coaching and tips, I was able to get my first job in Canada. Currently, I am happily working full-time at Surrey Centre Inn. I am getting on-the-job training and my job coach has been supporting me during my initial weeks of first employment.

I am very happy and confident now that I am working in Canada. All because of Newton WorkBC.



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