Never Give Up!

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medical technician with gloved hands holding testtubes

My name is Janice Eubel Polendey. I am originally from the Philippines and I immigrated to Canada in the year 2009.

I have a bachelor's degree in nursing from back home. In Canada, I worked as a Care Aide, sandwich artist and Heart Valve technician. After my last placement, I went on Maternity leave and decided to take care of my two children.  Now my oldest has started school and I feel that I am ready to seek new opportunities.  

Some of the coworkers from my previous job had received support from WorkBC; they were very pleased with their experience. They strongly recommended that I try WorkBC Employment Services as well.

Soon I registered with Surrey-Newton WorkBC. They helped me come up with a plan focusing on my strengths.

I started my school for Medical Laboratory Assistant Diploma, which was year-long training. This training helped me in regaining my confidence and improved my awareness of the industry. I did very well in my training; during the practicum, the same employer offered me a permanent position. I am now successfully working in my field.

Before starting my training, I was financially dependent on my husband and it was hard for me to go to school. I discussed my situation with WorkBC they not only paid for the training but also help me with my financial needs and provided me with the opportunities to find a better job. They were patient with me and guided me to achieve my goal.

I am incredibly grateful for being part of Surrey-Newton WorkBC and receiving support throughout my school year.  



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