Lisa Stays the Course during the Job Hunt

Posted on: 6 Jan 2021

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"I really did not know what to expect and was guided to classes and information that was so helpful in my job search. Thankfully, I was at the right place at the right time and was steered in the right direction."


Never Give Up!

Posted on: 9 Dec 2020

medical technician with gloved hands holding testtubes

"I started my school for Medical Laboratory Assistant Diploma, which was a one-year training. I did very well in my training; during the practicum, the same employer offered me a permanent position. I am now successfully working in my field. Newton WorkBC not only paid for the training but also help me with my financial needs and provided me with the opportunities to find a better job."


A Long Journey to My Dream Career

Posted on: 16 Sep 2020

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"I came to know about WorkBC through a friend. After many years of struggle with my self-esteem, I finally felt heard. My counsellor at Newton WorkBC was understanding, patient and encouraging. I am forever thankful to WorkBC for all that has been done for me."


Hard Work and Positivity – A Combination for Success

Posted on: 21 Jul 2020

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“It has been a whole year and I am still successfully working. Thank you so much WorkBC for the guidance and support which was much needed at that time.¬”


My First Job in Canada

Posted on: 8 Jul 2020

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"My Employment Counsellor supported me in many areas including settlement, transportation and understanding the labour market in Canada. She helped me make an employment goal to start my career with some entry-level jobs. Through WorkBC coaching and tips, I was able to get my first job in Canada. Currently, I am happily working full-time at Surrey Centre Inn. I am very happy and confident now that I am working in Canada. All because of Newton WorkBC."


Lisa's Story of Courage and Determination

Posted on: 26 Jun 2020

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"When I first encountered my amazing Employment Counsellor, I absolutely knew I had come to the right place; I felt truly heard! I felt that everyone I encountered at WorkBC wanted me to be successful and my Employment Counsellor was my greatest cheerleader."


Nimriti's Job Search Process as a Learning Curve

Posted on: 26 Feb 2020

Social worker helping a person with disability

"I gained my confidence back, started earning again, and it helped my self-esteem a lot. It has been a blessing to have the support of WorkBC and to know that someone has your back!"